KPT Group is..

"KPT Group specializes in delivering professional products and services for construction and other industries.

We provide on-time delivery services, shops and service centers with wide variety of certified tools and accessories for professionals.

Our expertise is in fastenings products and both hand and electric tools as well as just on time deliveries. We also provide information regarding latest product developments and official requirements and directives.

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“Customer comes first” -KPT Group


Wide variety of products

Product assortment has wide variety of products for construction and industrial customers. We provide all the needed certificates when necessary..

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Billing address: Kymen Pultti ja Työvaline Oy, PL 185, 45101 Kouvola
Business ID: 0252139-5
Email: etunimi.sukunimi@kpt.fi

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KPT Group

KPT Group management team
Managing director:Petri Simonen 0447007502
Development director: Pasi Simonen 0447007501
Product manager:Jari Spännäri 0447007507
Sales manager:Ville Halme 0447007592
Financial management: Ursula Pylkkönen 0447007503
Export, Russia: Natalja Onishko +358 44 700 7534
Area managers:
Kouvola:Juha Wallius
Kotka:Janne Halonen
Mikkeli:  Timo Auvinen
Lappeenranta:Jari Spännäri
Vantaa: Jyrki Melanen

Toimitusjohtaja:Petri Simonen 0447007502
Kehitysjohtaja: Pasi Simonen 0447007501
Tuotepäällikkö:Jari Spännäri 0447007507
Myyntipäällikkö:Ville Halme 0447007592
Taloushallinto: Ursula Pylkkönen 0447007503
Vienti, Venäjä: Natalja Onishko 0447007534
Kouvola: Juha Wallius
Kotka: Janne Halonen
Mikkeli: Aki Väisänen
Lappeenranta: Jari Spännäri
Vantaa: Jyrki Melanen

KOTKA 0447007522

Kymen Pultti ja Työväline, Kotka
Takojantie 26, 48230 Kotka
Opening hours at weekdays: 7.00-16.00

KOUVOLA 0447007511

Kymen Pultti ja Työväline, Kouvola
Kaupinkatu 18, PL 185, 45101 Kouvola
Opening hours at weekdays: 7.00-16.00


Kaakon Pultti, Lappeenranta
Toikansuontie 3, 53500 Lappeenranta
Opening hours at weekdays: 7.00-16.00

MIKKELI 0447007590

Marskin Pultti, Mikkeli
Yrittäjänkatu 18, 50130 Mikkeli
Opening hours at weekdays: 7.00-16.30

VANTAA 0447007602

Helsingin Rakennuskiinnike, Vantaa
Kaivosrinteentie 1, 01610 Vantaa
Opening hours at weekdays: 7.30-15.30